Mushroom Compost

This is where the magic starts, our weed free organic compost is the perfect start to every garden, it naturally increases the humus in the soil which in turn grows microbes and releases nutrients your plants need. Our compost leads to healthy plants that are less susceptible to pests and diseases. It also increases water holding capacity and helps break down clay. If you can picture Superman and Batman rolled into one, there as the sole defender of your garden, you are on the right track!

Lawn Dressing

Lawn dressing is a mixture of our weed free compost and washed sand. It’s perfect for spreading on top of your current lawn to give it a boost of nutrients (aka a kick up the backside) without the hassle of weeds. This easy to apply product can simply be raked over the lawn as it is such a fine medium, laying slightly thicker in areas will help build up layers to even out an uneven lawn.

Lawn dressing is sometimes referred to as Topsoil, the two products are nothing alike, Lawn dressing is applied on top of your lawn, topsoil is used as a filling agents or as a levelling soil BEFORE planting.


Top Soil

Stanler Farms produces an organically enriched top soil. This is ideal top soil to use when needing to fill or level an area before planting. The ratio for this combination is 30% compost to 70% topsoil , the addition of compost helps plants thrive and produces a fertile growing base for your project. Not a lot more to say than that really….. other than the fact ours is different to majority of our competitors is the fact we add compost to it, make sure your topsoil is enriched and give your plants the best start!

Potting Soil

A mixture of our compost (aka superman and batman of the garden world!), bark and sand. Ideal for planting vegetables and pot plants this mixture provides plants with great nutritional value and the perfect base for healthy happy plants. The sand helps with drainage and the bark slowly breaks down over time releasing nutrients.


Wood Chip

A long lasting mulch, that is extremely slow in breaking down. Our most affordable option for coverage which helps protect your garden from the elements and provides a slow release of nutrients as the chip composts. The ideal use of wood chip is to use it as a protective layer over our compost which gives your soil a chance to fully benefit.

Bark – Mulch and nuggets

Bark is a premium mulcher, not only does it retain moisture and help keep your soil cool during summer, it also improves your soil texture and dramatically helps water retaining capacity as it breaks down. Not only that it also looks really nice!


Decorative Stones

Not a whole lot we can say about stones really, they are perfect for tidying up the garden and providing your soil with much needed protection against the elements especially un-relenting ever punishing wind we have in the Cape! Other than that, well it’s a stone!

Roses and Shrub

Our secret mixture contains compost, sand and clay, we can't tell you exactly whats in it as you are just a random person on the internet and lets face it we barely know you! What we can tell you is the clay helps keep moisture in the soil whilst the sand provides adequate drainage for your plants. Lastly the compost introduces nutrients which aid in plant growth. To be used in sandy soil areas.


Tees mix and Bowling Green Mix

Used by golf clubs the length and breadth of the country, this ultra fine mixture of compost and sand is a green keepers best friend. If you have ever wondered how those golf courses have such beautiful fairways, there is a good chance Stanler Farms is the answer!


Our branch in Midrand specialises in a Bowling green mix for more details give Barbara a call and she can talk you through it.